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Thailand - The Rice Basket of Asia

Thailand is located in the middle of Southeast Asia and shares borders with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. It is the only country in Southeast Asia that was not colonized by the western powers. As the "Rice basket of Asia" the population enjoys an abundance of food and natural resources.

Thailand is officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand, and changed its name from 'Siam' in 1939 to Thailand meaning 'The Land of the Free'.

It is a Constitutional monarchy headed by His Majesty King Bumipol Adunyadet who is the longest serving King in the world and who is highly revered by the people of Thailand.

The government is headed by a Prime Minister - Prime Minister Thaksin Shinnawat. Bangkok is the capital and its airport is large and modern and located about a thirty minute taxi ride on the expressway from the center of the city.

Thailand covers an area of 513,115 sq.Km (198,114 sq. miles) and has a population of 61,661,701. Bangkok covers 1,565.2 sq. Km (0.3% of Thailand) an has a population of 5,662,499 (9.2% of the population).

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