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Providing Expertise and Assurance: Your Property Lawyer in Phuket

Property Lawyer Phuket

Property Lawyer Phuket

At Sukhothai Inter Law, our commitment to delivering comprehensive legal services now extends to the beautiful island of Phuket. As a full-service law firm with a strong presence in Thailand and Southeast Asia, our expansion to Phuket aims to cater specifically to the vibrant real estate market in this region.

Understanding the Local Landscape

Phuket, with its stunning landscapes and burgeoning real estate opportunities, demands a keen understanding of the local legalities. Our team of adept lawyers brings in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in property law, allowing us to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions, acquisitions, and related legal matters.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor, a first-time property buyer, or a developer, our expertise covers a wide spectrum of services. From property acquisitions, due diligence, contract drafting, to compliance and dispute resolution, our team is equipped to address your specific needs.

Guidance Throughout the Process

Navigating the property landscape can be a complex endeavor, but with Sukhothai Inter Law by your side, you can be assured of professional guidance at every step. Our lawyers will meticulously guide you through legal intricacies, ensuring that your property transactions are conducted seamlessly and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Why Choose Sukhothai Inter Law?

Our established presence in Thailand, combined with a deep understanding of local laws and regulations, sets us apart as the go-to legal partner for property matters in Phuket. We strive to provide personalized attention, detailed advice, and effective solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Get in Touch

Located in the heart of Phuket, our office stands ready to assist you in all your property law requirements. You can find us at 119/2 M.1, Bo Phut, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320, Thailand. Feel free to contact us at +66 (0) 85 155 4763 or email us at for expert legal assistance.

At Sukhothai Inter Law, we are dedicated to safeguarding your property interests and providing peace of mind in your real estate endeavors in Phuket.

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