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Understanding Property Ownership Laws in Thailand

Understanding Property Ownership Laws in Thailand

Understanding Property Ownership Laws in Thailand

Unlocking the Intricacies of Property Ownership for Foreign Investors

Thailand’s allure as a real estate investment destination has captivated many global investors. Its picturesque landscapes, thriving economy, and welcoming culture make it an ideal place to invest in property. However, navigating the legal landscape of property ownership in Thailand, especially for foreign investors, requires a nuanced understanding of the law.

Property Ownership for Foreign Investors

Foreign nationals often wonder about the feasibility of owning property in Thailand. The laws surrounding property ownership for non-Thais are explicit and merit attention. According to Thai law, non-Thai individuals or entities generally cannot directly own land in the country. However, there are legal mechanisms that allow foreign investors to secure property, primarily through leasehold arrangements, partnerships, or setting up companies.

Navigating Legal Frameworks: Property Ownership Structuring

For those seeking property ownership in Thailand, understanding the available legal structures is crucial. One common avenue is the leasehold arrangement, enabling individuals to lease land for extended periods, typically up to 30 years, with the possibility of renewal.

Moreover, establishing a Thai limited company can also facilitate property ownership for foreigners. Through majority Thai ownership, non-Thais can hold stakes in these companies, allowing indirect but secure property ownership.

Property Ownership in Koh Samui and Phuket

Koh Samui and Phuket, two gems of Thailand’s real estate landscape, hold immense appeal for investors. Exploring property ownership in these regions requires specific attention due to their unique regulations. Consulting a local legal expert, like Sukhothai Inter Law, with a dedicated office presence in these areas, can provide invaluable insights into regional property laws and ensure a smooth investment process.

Why Consult Sukhothai Inter Law?

Sukhothai Inter Law, a reputable full-service law firm with a presence in Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Pattaya, offers comprehensive legal counsel for property investments in Thailand. Their expertise spans property law, foreign investment regulations, and corporate structuring, ensuring clients receive tailored guidance for their real estate endeavors.


Thailand’s property ownership laws for foreign investors demand a careful and strategic approach. Navigating these intricacies necessitates expert legal advice and a clear understanding of available structures. Sukhothai Inter Law stands as a trusted partner, equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide investors through the complexities of property ownership in Thailand.

For further guidance on property law, foreign investment, or corporate transactions in Thailand, reach out to Sukhothai Inter Law at or call +662 212 6866-7.

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